Past Episodes: January 2012 Archives

The ice and snow and hockey show

January 27, 2012

PART 1  Reflections on snow; trappers, travellers and old timers, wide eyed new Canadians seeing snow for the first time, scientists, poets and writers; even angry disputes betweem driveway snow shovellers.  So many different takes on our familiar winter companion.

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PART 2  We glide, we wobble, we love it, we hate it, the winter world of ice and hockey; the magic of an effortless early morning skate over a frozen pond, or if you didn't grow up skating, the torment and triumph of putting sharp blade on slippery ice for the first time.  PLUS; out on the rink with the hard playing, hard drinking women of "Chicks with Sticks", and the men of "The Lightning", the slowest team in a very slow league.


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Riding the rails

January 20, 2012


PART 1  Other countries forge ahead with high speed trains but

in Canada a train journey is an invitation not to speed up, but to slow down; to relax, reflect, dream, imagine and remember. Sit back and enjoy the ride with stories ranging from a child's futuristic vision of trains to an old man's memory of the train hopping 1935 depression era "on to Ottawa" trek, stopped in its tracks in Regina by the RCMP. 

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PART 2   "Childhood trains"; for Regina poet and writer Sally Crooks a train journey is a one of dreams and regret; regret forsomething that happened when she was a child.  "Tempting tunnels"; for Jay Brown and his brother the local train tunnels were scary but inviting; also a portal to their fertile imaginations.  "After exile"; a time bending encounter on a slow train where two unlikely travelling companions share the unsettling feeling that they've lived their lives in a kind of exile and it's about time to do something about it.


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The piano show

January 13, 2012


PART 1   What is a good piano made of?  What pianos should you avoid?  And which ones should be sent to landfill?  We go 'under the hood' to find out.  The journey ends with a visit to the biggest and loudest grand piano in the world.  


Behind every successful concert pianist is there a piano tuner in the wings who alone knows exactly what the virtuoso wants from the instrument?  Did Glenn Gould's piano tuner give him that special sound?

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PART 2  "The voices of Vern Nash".  A young Toronto filmmaker discovers his neighbour was once a jazz pianist in Montreal, a talented but troubled man with music in his soul but demons in his head. 

"Dear Piano"; Isn't it about time you traded in your old piano for a digital keyboard with all the doodads?  Easy to say, but not so easy to do, especially if the piano has been a lifelong companion.

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