Past Episodes: December 2011 Archives

Fathers and daughters

Dec 9, 2011


PART 1   A daughter reads her ailing father's old stories back to him as a birthday treat and is amazed how it revives his spirits and his memory.  An American soldier returns from the Vietnam war and separates from his Canadian wife. Now his adult daugher hopes to see him for the first time.


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PART 2   A daughter searches for her loving but not always law abiding father.  A father tells his daughter the big secret in his life.  A daughter, sexually assaulted as a child, revisits the old family home.  A daughter goes fishing with her father hoping to catch a break from many years of estrangement.  


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Let me be me

Dec 2, 2011


PART 1  Prince William and his new bride made a quick royal  visit to "Dechinta", Canada's fledgling 'bush university' this past summer.  But what goes on out of the celebrity spotlight?   Dechinta means bush in the Dene language and it's where a passionate group of young people, some aboriginal, some not and some half and half, are combining formal university training with "first nations knowledge" to create a new form of education for students in Canada's north.

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PART 2    "They tried to make us them, and they did a pretty good job eh?".  In Alert Bay, BC a group of young people roam their tiny community with a microphone, talking to family, friends, even discovering relatives they didn't know they had. They also take us inside the old residential school where local children were punished just for speaking a language which now only the old folk of Alert Bay can remember.


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