Past Episodes: September 2011 Archives

Stepping out

September 30th 2011

PART 1  Alan and Blanche Lund faced the dangers of war and the onset of polio as they danced their way around the world; in the US, on the Ed Sullivan show, in Britain performing for the Queen and in Canada in the early days of television with shows such as the Cross Canada hit parade.   PLUS "Keeping love alive"; David Burga believes dancing can help create a successful marriage because he's seen his parents' passion for that sensuous, sexy dance, the tango.



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PART 2  What does it feel like for a prima ballerina to take her final bow, her last bouquet of flowers and to hear the applause fade away forever?   Elizabeth Perry steps out of the role of farmer's wife and into the spotlight as "Alicia" the belly dancer!  Tim Ma and his wife were competitive ballroom dancers who always stepped onto the dance floor aiming to knock the socks off the opposition. But their story is one that many top performers are familiar with; "so close and yet so far."


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Through the eyes of a child

September 23, 2011

PART 1  A charming, gentle four year old boy equips two imaginary playmates with swords and shields to help him do violent battle with the forces of evil.  PLUS; "The magic of fallen teeth"; at the age of about 5 or 6, something happens to our teeth.  Adults call it a "rite of passage", kids call it "the tooth fairy".


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PART 2  The "gumshoe girls"; a group of eight year olds roam around their school to investigate its many mysteries.  PLUS; "The girls club"; a group of nine year olds get together every Saturday morning. They learn useful skills but also life lessons for the future.  PLUS; "A nutty tale", Sabrina Shannon takes us into the world of a child who has dangerous food allergies.


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Letting go and saying goodbye

Friday September 16, 2011


PART 1   A young mother figures she might - just might - be able to leave her one year old with her father for the first time and go on a road trip with some girlfriends.  PLUS;  How much freedom to roam did you have when you were about ten?  It probably depends on when you were ten.  Jen Moss tells a story of an anxious modern parent and a shrinking 'roaming circle'.

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PART 2   Is an "empty nest" full of sad echoes of the past or is it an exciting new space emerging?  PLUS "Jessie's last days". When Diane Wells' friend Jesse died, Diane and a group of friends took care of Jesse's body themselves


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