Jobs on the line

Part 1

Special feature on the year long strike in Sudbury Ontario, which ended in July 2010; a dispute between Vale-Inco and the United Steelworkers Union; voices of strikers, company executives, people who crossed picket lines, people who coped with twelve months without a paycheque, people who didn't, people who prayed for reconciliation and people in Sudbury who weren't on strike but were affected by it, some sympathetic to the strikers, others not.

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Part 2

Special feature on James Shaver Woodsworth, the first leader of the CCF - forerunner of today's NDP.  J.S. Woodsworth was a preacher, then a union leader and then a national politician; an intellectual, a passionate fighter for social reform and the man who brought us old age pensions and the right to join a union.

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