Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl Snacks
Did you know?
Last year, an average 8.15 million Canadian viewers tuned into Sunday's Super Bowl XLVI to watch the New York Giants defeat the New England Patriots 21-17.

Super Bowl Sunday celebrations can be a high-fat, caloric gut buster. The average fan can eat about a day's worth of calories while watching the championship game.  

Here are some simple food swaps that offer delicious and healthier options for the big game:

Baked not fried
Chicken wings are a tradition for some football fans.  Instead of deep-fried, give chicken wings from the oven a try-out. They're lower in fat and calories but remain crunchy outside and juicy inside.

loaded-sweet-potatoes-200x133.jpgBaked fries can be as decadent as the deep-fried version. Toss in olive oil and use your favourite seasonings.  You could try sweet potatoes - an excellent source of vitamin A - sprinkled with vegetable oil, paprika, and a touch of salt and pepper. 

Go long - er, lean
Turkey or salmon are delicious alternatives to regular burgers or mini-sliders.  Enjoy these leaner, protein-packed finger foods.

This year's kickoff takes place in New Orleans. Celebrate in Big Easy-style with this gumbo recipe from PC Blue Menu, using lower-fat sausage.

Try vegetarian 
For many sports fans, pizza is the ultimate party food.  Make your own, topped with your favourite veggies - and try to go easy on the cheese. Cheeses with stronger flavours go a long way.

Here's a couple pizza suggestions to help you score big with your home team:

Here are some of our other favourite recipes to try on game day: