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Tips on Portion Control

Tips on Portion Control

The key to healthy living is more than what we eat; it's also how much is on our plates. Many people struggle with weight gain because of portion sizes.

Portion is the amount of food a person consumes in one sitting and it varies depending upon  age, nutritional requirements and physical activity.

The Canadian Diabetes Association has published the Handy Portion Guide which demonstrates how effective your hands can be when it comes to estimating food measurements for you and your family. Please be aware that these sizes will vary especially when it comes to children.

Here are some additional tips for portion control:

  • Eat with others as often as possible.

  • Eat breakfast everyday.

  • Drink water often.

  • Eat every three to four hours to avoid becoming too hungry.

  • Avoid eating food out of the package.

  • Stop eating when you no longer feel hungry.

  • Wait 20 minutes before taking a second helping.

  • Snack on vegetables and fruit to fill you up.

For more information, check out the Canadian Diabetes Association.

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