LRN Capital of Canada in Action

On March 24, 1500 residents of Edmundston, New Brunswick took the streets to celebrate healthy living. They shouted to the skies that a healthier community was within their grasp, and they were well on their way to achieving it. 

In 2010, New Brunswick was named the most overweight province, but Edmundston faces that challenge head on, and vows to make a change.
Today we congratulate Edmundston, as they have officially been named the Live Right Now Capital of Canada! In the fall they'll unveil their reward: a brand new natural playground.

Elaine Albert, community organizer in Edmundston, is thrilled. "I am really proud of all the hard work that the community did in this project. I can confirm that this initiative along with the one from Prescription Action has changed my life and the lives of many Edmundston citizens.  Thank you Radio-Canada/CBC for this wonderful journey!"
Let's take a look at Edmundston's past few months of active living, their celebration of health and finally, their winning moment. 

edmundston's health rally

edmundston zumba class

edmundston parade


edmundston zumba demo