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You're Invited to CBC Live @ TIFF


We just received a sweet TIFF invite, Canada, and we thought we'd share it with you...

WHERE: CBC's Toronto Broadcast Centre (205 Wellington Street West)

WHEN: September 5 - September 13, every day at 12:30 p.m. ET

WHAT: The top way to get up close with the stars this festival season, CBC Live @ TIFF!

Because when TIFF hits Toronto September 5, you can hunt for movie stars outside the red carpets, inside hotel lobbies and in the backrooms of every club from King West to the Ossington Strip.

But here's an better plan, one that'll save you the sleep deprivation and a fortune in vodka-Red Bulls: Just visit the CBC's Toronto Broadcast Centre.

Every day between Thursday, Sept. 5 and Friday, Sept. 13 the stars will be hanging with CBC Live over the lunch hour -- and maybe you, too!

CBC Live @ TIFF is the name of our daily festival talk show, and for a half hour starting at 12:30 p.m. ET we'll be dishing on everything from films to red-carpet fashion and after-hours fun, straight from the CBC's atrium.

It's free to attend, just show up at the CBC's Front Street doors. And if you'd prefer to watch from home, or your office cubicle, or camped outside Daniel Radcliffe's hotel room, visit at the same time each day to take in our livestreamed broadcast.

CBC News Network insiders including Jelena Adzic, Eli Glasner, Zulekha Nathoo and Deana Sumanac will be welcoming you -- and a rotating cavalcade of TIFF celebs and filmmakers -- onto the set, located just inside the Front Street entrance. Look forward to hearing from some of your favourite CBC TV personalities, too. (More on our who's-who guestlist coming soon.) And CBC Live's own Jamey Ordolis will moderate daily and Leah Collins will share the latest from the red carpets and parties.

You people, though -- you're the real stars! So expect some giveaways worthy of a VIP. There'll be prizes for lucky audience members -- both those in attendance and the ones watching online. We've got TIFF tickets, TIFF swag bags, sweet CBC merch and more.

Be there, and tweet along with the fun @CBCLive using the hashtag #CBCTIFF.

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