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Mamma Yamma Arrives at the CBC Shop

Mamma Yamma: she's the most tubular tuber on CBC.

Or anywhere, really.

And since 2007, fans have followed her educational adventures.

She's taught us how to do yoga:

And how to carve a pumpkin:

How to expertly preserve a collection of George Stroumboulopoulos merchandise:

And while some have been happy to admire Mamma from afar - following her sassy Tweets, her "Mamma's Musings" videos, her every appearance on Kids' Canada -- what about the CBC Kids, young and old, who've dreamed of having a surrogate Mamma of their own? A Mamma Yamma to love and to hold and to take shopping at the Dufferin Mall:

Some have surely gone the DIY route. Maybe they've checked out Mamma Yamma's Kensington Market 'hood, picked up a sweet potato from a grocer's stall and glued on some googly eyes.

But the result never looks nearly as good in a polka-dot dress - and within a week, those imitation Mammas are fit for the juicer:

The CBC shop has answered those poor, Mamma-less children. A plush and huggable Mamma Yamma puppet is now on sale. 

And we think her take-home doppelganger is a good looking likeness of the woman herself. 

Mamma Yamma puppet

You can find the Mamma Yamma puppet in the CBC Shop here. As for the real thing, watch for Mamma Yamma on Kids' Canada, every weekday morning on CBC.


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