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Will's Jams: From Dragons' Den to Kids' CBC

Will Stroet, star of Will's Jams. -- CBC

He's the new guy in the blue T-shirt, but Will Stroet is about to become as familiar as Patty and Sid on Kids' CBC.

The singer-songwriter is the new star of Will's Jams, airing weekdays at 8:25 a.m. But you might already remember him - and his trademarked Jam "The Bicycle Boogie" - from a much different CBC show.

Last year, Stroet, a former French Immersion teacher, travelled from Vancouver to visit the Dragons' Den, hoping they'd invest in his kids' entertainment business.

While filming at the Kids' CBC studios - just five floors below "The Den" - Stroet told CBC Live how he'd just had a flashback to that particular TV moment.

Stroet strummed through his trademarked jam "The Bicycle Boogie," before CBC Live got to set. The last time he'd performed it - at least in Toronto - he was playing for Dragons, not a nation of CBC Kids.

"[I] had all five of them up and out of their seats, and doing the 'Bike Safety Boogie' with me, and that was quite a moment."

For the uninitiated, this is "The Bike Safety Boogie."

And this is how Stroet's Dragons' Den episode played out.

"I pitched on the Dragons' Den and we didn't get a deal, but honestly we didn't need a deal," Stroet told CBC Live.

Clearly not; since its debut Monday, Will's Jams is now on TVs across the country. The show, says Stroet, "features my music and it's essentially a series of videos, all shot on different topics that are important for kids, like eathing healthy, playing sports, good hygeine, bike safety."

Another potential jam: a tune about the importance of sharing. And leading by example, Stroet says he'd be happy to share the spotlight on Will's Jams.

If any of the Dragons want to appear on the show, he'll have them. "I think it would be a fantastic cameo," Stroet says, and if any Dragons are reading this, "Let us know!"

Watch Will's Jams on CBC Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:25 a.m. Tune in on May 25 and tweet with Kids' CBC using the hashtag #WillsJams for a chance to win Will's Jams prizes including DVDs, T-shirts and more.

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