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Will Arnett: Arrested Development Movie Coming AND New Episodes

Look at this tweet. Just look, look!


That is one Will Arnett, from Toronto, talking about Arrested Development. His role as George Oscar Bluth - Gob - is most certainly his best known, and Arrested Development is one of the best loved cult comedy shows out there. It also featured Brampton's Michael Cera and of course Jason Bateman, mentioned in that tweet.

It would appear to be confirming that Arrested Development is now definitely coming back for a movie (which we kind of knew) but not only that - there are also new episodes on the way. How many? We're not 100% sure, but details released suggest it could be a 10 episode mini-season. Time will tell... we'll let you know as soon as we do.

AD was created by Mitchell Hurwitz and aired from late 2003 until early 2006, getting three seasons under its belt. We can not wait for its return.

Currently, Will Arnett is starring in one of the more acclaimed new Fall TV shows of the American line ups. In Up All Night, he's alongside Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph as a brand new stay-at-home Dad, trying to raise a baby while his wife works ridiculous hours in TV. The show is garnering a fair amount of critical acclaim, and looks as if it could be one of the breakout hits of this Fall. It's executive producer is none other than fellow Canadian - Lorne Michaels.

Here are a some Arrested Development tidbits for your enjoyment, but really, if you don't know the show - please go out and pick up the DVDs.

And a compilation of the oh-so-wrong chicken dances...



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