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Who Is Hockey's Most Fashionable Player?


With the Stanley Cup Playoffs intensifying, it's time for everyone in the hockey world to up their game. At Hockey Night in Canada, that philosophy of giving 'er 110 per cent, and however many other sports metaphors you can think of, is even applying to the hosts' game night wardrobe.

And this Friday, June 7, just about everyone on the desk is getting a Project Runway-style makeover.

It's called Fashion Night in Canada.

Ron MacLean, P.J. Stock, Elliotte Friedman, Glenn Healy, Kevin Weekes and Andi Petrillo have all been paired with top Canadian designers. (Their style gurus are Christopher Bates, Philip Sparks, Haithem Elkadiki, Farley Chatto, Marlon Durrant and Caitlin Power respectively.)

And though CBC Live got a sneak peek of everyone's custom wardrobes early (check out some snapshots), the full reveal happens Friday during Hockey Night's live pre-game show.

We know they'll look mighty fine, but does the Hockey Night in Canada team have what it takes to be the most fashionable names in hockey?

CBC Live talked to the HNIC hosts, and their designer buddies, to find out which NHL pros are always in vogue.

Read what they have to say about their nominees, then weigh in yourself in the poll below.

The candidates:

-- Getty Images

Elliott Friedman says: "We also know that the guy who has mixed fashion and hockey the best is Don Cherry. He has made a living out of combining fashion and hockey and I think that a whole generation of players and media look and that and say, 'How are we going to do that too?'"

Haythem Elkadiki says: "To me, he's a total peacock. He's totally out there, he's a dandy. [...] I love what he wears, but I'm like, 'Ohmigod, I don't know if I can wear it, but he can totally pull it off because of his personality."

-- Screen capture, Getty Images, CBC Live

Philip Sparks says: "PJ has a great style of his own, I don't think he needed to have some sort of makeover."


P.J. Stock says: "Best-dressed player? Ooh, that's tough. I've seen Teemu Selanne wear some funky stuff. [...] You've got to not be worried about what other people think and just dress the way you feel."

-- Getty Images/Twitter

Marlon Durrant says: "Let's put it this way: Best dressed player? I'm going to tell you the best-dressed ex player, which is my man Kevin."

-- Getty Images

P.J. Stock says:
"Henrik Lundquist in New York is just clean and classy all the time from his hair to what he wears."

Andi Petrillo says: "That man has had it right for many many years. A lot of the European players do, but if you look at what he wears, right down to when you talk about fitting just right and the shoes and the length of his pants and where his jackets go -- not that I've studied Henrik Lundqvist much -- but he always, always looks good."

Kevin Weekes says: "We played together 2005 to 2008 and when he first came over from Sweden, he had super tailored suits, thin lapels, narrow pant leg, and he has that shape. He's only maybe 185, 190 pounds so the suits were falling so great on him. [...] Coming from Stockholm, Stockholm's one of the most fashionable places, so he had that European swag, that European flavour that really hadn't arrived here yet. So he was really ahead of his time and his suits are just - they fit him impeccably well, every detail with him, he's a very good looking guy as well, and he wears his suits well. [...] The most stylish guy in the NHL for sure."

Who is hockey's most fashionable player? Cast your vote!

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