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TIFF and CBC Team Up for Star-Studded Events


George Stroumboulopoulos, Anna Maria Tremonti: any time of year, if you want to find names like those, spend some quality time with CBC-TV and CBC Radio.

During TIFF, though, there are a few extra options.

We've already told you everything you need to know about our daily TIFF talk show, for instance, CBC Live @ TIFF.

But if you're obsessed with star-watching CBC-ers, the jackpot is TIFF's "Canada Party" on September 7. Every Canadian-born star who's ever appeared on the Ceeb will be clamouring to get in. Maybe they're A-listers who got their start as Danger Bay extras, or maybe they're starring on your favourite TV drama. Either way, the good times will be flowing like poutine-gravy, we're sure, and any actor who's refused to change the way they say "about" will be there -- there being the inside of the CBC Broadcast Centre. We're conveniently located in the middle of the "Festival Village" -- and all things Canadiana -- after all. One thing, though: unless Peter Mansbridge owes you a solid, good luck getting in. This one's only for the VIP's, Can-Con or otherwise.

As such, your best option to spot a CBC star this TIFF is to just buy tickets to festival events. Between September 6 - 13, you'll find CBC hosts like Strombo and Tremonti -- and Brent Bambury and Susan Ormiston and John Northcott and Nora Young -- at the TIFF Bell Lightbox and the Winter Garden Theatre. They're all taking part in TIFF's "Mavericks" series, a program of movie screenings and exclusive live Q&As with industry luminaries.

Imagine having an audience with director Ron Howard or Miramax co-founder Harvey Weinstein: Strombo will interview Howard September 7 following a showing of his Jay-Z documentary Made In America, and he'll talk with Weinstein September 8 after screening Hurricane Sandy concert film 12.12.12. Both events will include an unscripted question period with the crowd, and the same format follows on other nights of the program. Get more info at, and check out the schedule below.

September 6 - What Is Cinema? (TIFF Lightbox), with Chuck Workman, hosted by Brent Bambury
September 7 - Made In America (TIFF Lightbox), with Ron Howard, hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos
September 8 - 12.12.12 Concert for Sandy Relief (Winter Garden Theatre), with Harvey Weinstein, hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos
September 9 - For No Good Reason (TIFF Lightbox), with Ralph Steadman, hosted by John Northcott
September 10 - InRealLife (TIFF Lightbox), with Beeban Kidron, hosted by Nora Young
September 12 - Our Man in Tehran (TIFF Lightbox), with Larry Weinstein and Ken Taylor, hosted by Susan Ormiston
September 13 - Women in Film 40th Anniversary (TIFF Lightbox), with Madeline Anderson and Kay Armatage, hosted by Anna Maria Tremonti

Check back to CBC Live for further festival coverage including our daily live-streamed show, CBC Live @ TIFF, which starts September 5.

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