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What's the Song of the Summer? Cracked Cast Shares Their Picks

Over at CBC Music, the battle for Canada's indie song of the summer is about to get hotter than wearing a Canada Goose parka in July.

Their annual Song of the Summer debate launched today, and the winning band will claim a Yamaha Canada prize pack plus air time on Radio 3. There's more on the contest, plus CBC Music's pseudo-scientific analysis of a summer jam's key ingredients, on the site should you want to launch a campaign for your favourite tune.

But if you're taking a vacation from debate -- at least 'til your model U.N. club is back in session -- you should still enjoy the sounds of summer.

While doing absolutely nothing.

Except dancing, maybe. Or napping poolside.

Looking for a curated playlist? CBC drama Cracked prides itself on its soundtrack, so when CBC Live visited the set earlier this month, we asked the cast for their summer-music suggestions.

We've put together a Cracked summer playlist with the results. It's a mix of Top 40 smashes -- and one Canadian indie gem that could qualify for CBC Music's competiton.

Check out their picks:

Taylor Swift - "I Knew You Were Trouble" (Recommended by David Sutcliffe)

"I think Taylor Swift is a genius," Sutcliffe tells CBC Live. (Full disclosure: he couldn't pick just one favourite tune. We just went with Swift's current smash for efficiency's sake.) "She writes from a very authentic place, she's very true to her experience. You can have a judgment on what her interpretation of that experience is, but the fact it triggers so much reaction in people -- positive and negative -- tells me that she's on to something, and there's an honesty there that I really respect."

Miguel - "How Many Drinks" (Recommended by Dayo Ade)

"Beautiful," Miguel's duet with Mariah Carey, might be the more obvious contender for song of the summer, but Dayo Ade prefers this slinky cut from the R&B newcomer. Says Ade: "I'm really into that neo-soulish vibe, laid back but you can get your swag on, your groove on."

Jez Bonham - "Kansas" (Recommended by Luisa D'Oliveira)

This Revelstoke, B.C.-raised singer-songwriter happens to be D'Oliveira's boyfriend. (See if you can recognize her in the photos on his CBC Music artist page.) So she has a personal stake in her song-of-the-summer pick. "It's probably the song I'm listening to the most," she says, describing it as the "perfect" tune for a warm, sunny day.

Bernhoft - "C'mon Talk" (Recommended by Karen LeBlanc)

LeBlanc's personal summer soundtrack always includes records by Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Sade. "Oh! And on the treadmill, some Rage Against the Machine." But for summer 2013, she's included a new addition to the mix, a "young guy, amazing vocalist," Norwegian singer-songwriter Jarle Bernhoft." Says LeBlanc: "Jarle right now, and Joni always."

Daft Punk - "Get Lucky" (Recommended by Brooke Nevin)

When Cracked returns in the fall, the Chicago Fire actress will play Psych Crimes team member, Dr. Clara Malone. So Nevin might be the new kid on set, but she'll make friends fast with taste like this. Everyone loves the French robots this summer, Nevin included. As she tells CBC Live: "Anything Daft Punk this season I will dance to. Absolutely."

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