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What's Peter Mansbridge's Take on the Rolling Stones?

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The CBC's followed the Rolling Stones as long as any septuagenarian fanboy, reporting on the rock legends for nearly 50 years.

In 1965, CBC's This Hour Has Seven Days asked "Would You Let Your Daughter Marry a Rolling Stone?" reporting from the scene of their first Canadian show at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens:

And CBC has interviewed the band as they reflected on 10 years of rock 'n' roll:

Then 30:

Then 40:

And really, if you start searching "Rolling Stones" on the CBC's Digital Archives site, you'll find a trove of "Throwback Thursday" content which will never stop (never stop).

But for all the Rolling Stones stories to have appeared on CBC TV and radio, CBC News' Chief Correspondent has never interviewed Mick, Keith, Ron and Charlie.

He'd never seen them perform live, either.

That changed Saturday night, though, when Peter Mansbridge saw his first Rolling Stones show at Toronto's Air Canada Centre.

He was Tweeting about it over the weekend (revealing he wasn't at the CBC Music Festival).

And today, Mansbridge shared his review of the show on Inside the News with Peter Mansbridge - more an essay, really, which reflects on sharing the experience with his 13-year-old son, and what it means to still be rocking well past middle age.

Read the review at Inside the News with Peter Mansbridge

The Rolling Stones's North American tour returns to Toronto June 6 before reaching Montreal June 9.

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