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What Would You Do With the Stanley Cup? Kids' CBC Has Some Ideas

Now that they've won the playoffs, the Chicago Blackhawks can begin dreaming about what they'll do with the Stanley Cup.

Will they serve up their breakfast in it, like Ken Daneyko? Take it on a P.E.I. fishing trip, like Brad Richards? Appoint it a member of their wedding party, like Andre Roy?

And, no matter their activity of choice, will they successfully avoid unceremoniously denting the thing, unlike so many champions before them?

If anyone's looking for inspiration, the team at Kids' CBC brainstormed several suggestions earlier this year.

Wholesome, G-rated, kid-friendly suggestions.

Suggestions that don't involve champagne jams and/or using Lord's Stanley's Mug as the ultimate team pitcher -- but can be charmingly stitched into a sing-a-long song, one that sounds a lot like Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe."

Watch "Call Me Stanley" below.

But what would you do if you got to hang out with the Stanley Cup for a day? Sound off in the comments.

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