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What Would Peter Mansbridge Do? Ask Him Yourself!

As the man himself has said before, when the Leafs win the Stanley Cup he'll retire.

Apologies to Toronto hockey fans, but that's amazing news for viewers of The National; Peter Mansbridge plans to be on CBC for a very long time.

Possibly forever?

Still, if and when he ever leaves CBC, Mansbridge has plans.

So while Canadians go into mourning, or maybe just denial, convinced Mansbridge's retirement is just an elaborate, and less funny than usual Just For Laughs "Gag," CBC News' Chief Correspondent will be enjoying his time off.

As he explained in a new video segment for Inside the News with Peter Mansbridge, the first thing on his "Bucket List" is this: he'd travel the world.

Granted, as Mansbridge mentions in the clip, he's circled the globe numerous times as a CBC reporter, and even his childhood was spent in various regions -- Europe, Asia -- before arriving in Canada.

But, says Mansbridge, he's rarely had the "opportunity to travel and really enjoy it," to really experience different places without thinking about the job at hand.

Watch the video:

After watching, though, we have a question: Where does Peter Mansbridge want to go?

Or maybe you watched the clip and were left with even more queries.

Only one thing to do, then: Ask Mansbridge yourself.

Inside the News with Peter Mansbridge keeps answers to the most frequently asked questions on the site, but they'd also love to hear what you want to know about Peter Mansbridge.

If you have a question, submit it to the site here. (Or, just Tweet @PeterMansbridge himself.)

Look: The video evidence that Mansbridge wants you to ask him a question.

Fire away, CBC fans. We'll patiently await the full itinerary on those travel plans...


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