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What is Cracked's Best Musical Moment?

A fresh episode of Cracked means new music.

(The CBC drama makes a habit of keeping tabs on its indie-rock soundtrack week to week; just check out this comprehensive list on their website.)

But what's the best musical sequence to ever appear on Cracked?

For the answer, we turned to an expert - the show's music supervisor, Michael A. Perlmutter.

It's the moments that feel a little like an episode within an episode that are Perlmutter's favourites.

"Background songs: you have to find the right sound and feel," he says. "With something like that you're making a statement. We love moments like that," he says of his music supervision team, "because that makes us work much, much harder."

So what's his pick for Cracked's best musical moment?

Perlmutter hints that the best is yet to come, but he can think of one scene from "White Knight" - the episode guest starring Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Kathleen Robertson.

The song? "Waiting for the World to End" off The Sticks, the current album from Vancouver indie-pop band Mother Mother.

The scene?

"It's at the very beginning of the episode," says Perlmutter, a scene where we're introduced to a street kid just waking up for the day. "He's lying in an alleyway, about to brush his teeth, and he's actually ear-to-the-ground on the cement."

Perlmutter continues: "I just think it's really quirky and a really interesting choice that I'm glad the producers went with," he says of the tune. "The song title is 'Waiting for the World to End' and it's almost like you're getting into his head without hitting the nail on the head too hard. You don't want to say 'Guy gets up from sleeping and walks over to dumpster,' you don't want a lyric like that, because it's exactly what he's doing. [...] He just had some condition of sorts, and you can see it. I think musically the song sounded like something inside of his world."

Watch Cracked's best musical moment in the episode below:

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A new episode of Cracked airs Tuesday, March 26 at 9 p.m. ET.

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