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What Do You Do While The Men Watch Hockey Night?


Jules Mancuso (L) and Lena Sutherland (R) are the hosts of WhileTheMenWatch

Ladies, if you're not a fan of sports, have you ever sat disgruntled and confused as your other half shouts at the television while his team takes to the ice, court or field? Of course you have, and you're not alone. Jules Mancuso and Lena Sutherland had that problem many a time. While their respective men watched they would speak on the phone. Hilarity and hours of fun ensued, WhileTheMenWatch was born.

Lena and Jules are, essentially, letting anyone who wants to eavesdrop on their conversations. Since the site launched, the two have given us their "girl talk" style play-by-play commentary for hockey, football, baseball, basketball and more. Fan of sports or not, it makes for an enjoyable listen. In fact, CBC will be live streaming the ladies' conversation starting with Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Hockey Night in Canada. Now though, it's more than just the conversation. Lena and Jules have their own studio here at CBC for WhileTheMenWatch Hockey Night and you can see them - as well as the game - live. Head to for more details.

"I'm looking forward to hearing Lena and Jules' take on the Stanley Cup Final," said Cassie Campbell-Pascall of Hockey Night in Canada. "I think it's going to be a lot of fun for more casual viewers who are not overly interested in the X's and O's of hockey and it may even resonate with some of the most dedicated fans."

Soon, we'll be sitting down with the ladies to chat WhileTheMenWatch - keep an eye on our site. In the meantime, you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook and read their blog at



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