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What Are You Wearing to Fashion Week? Q Style Inspiration

All eyes are on the runway, sure. But they're also on every last fashion editor, make-up girl or confused civilian who wanders past the tents. We're referring to what happens during Toronto World Mastercard Fashion Week, and another round of shows is approaching. October 21 - 26 the event will dominate the city's David Pecaut Square -- located right across the street from our CBC HQ. 

So...whatcha wearing?

No, no. Don't answer yet. We have a few ideas we'd like to share with you first. They're not snatched from some other international runway, and we're not cribbing what your favourite fashion bible is decreeing the must-wear look of the season.

Instead, we're drawing inspiration from what we know best: the CBC.

Previously, we put together looks paying homage to The Beachcombers and Hockey Night in Canada's most fashionable player, Don Cherry.

This time, we're challenging the notion radio ISN'T a visual medium. Q host Jian Ghomeshi is one of the CBC's most recognizable stars. And for those hitting Fashion Week, these Q-inspired items are perfect for anyone wanting to look smart while staying casual.


1. Faux-Fur Snood Scarf (Simon's)
The footage from Studio Q doesn't lie. No matter the weather, Jian's favourite go-to accessory is a scarf. For a luxe-looking upgrade, we picked out a faux-fur snood.

2. Leopard Blouse (French Connection)
The cranberry colour -- as rich as any voice on CBC Radio --  is a nod to the Studio Q colour scheme.

3. Padded Leather Biker Gloves (Top Shop)
We dig how the padded details are echoed in the most important item on this Style Inspiration Board, which happens to be coming up next...

4. Leather Jacket (Zara)
When 22 Minutes is making punchlines about your leather jacket, you know you've found a signature look. But this wardrobe staple isn't just Jian's uniform. It's the perfect day-to-night piece for a Toronto October.

5. "Snake Chain" Double Belt (Mango)
An easy bit of flash for this dressed-down combo.

6. Q Necklace (Etsy)
Until the CBC Shop starts manufacturing their own Q-themed jewellery, this hand-crafted monogrammed necklace will do.

7. 1982 (Penguin Canada)
If you've authored a novel of your own, lug that instead. 

8. Boyfriend Jeans (H&M)
Leather and denim: a classic combo.

9. "Oringua" Booties (Aldo)
The silver zippers match up nicely with the same details on the jacket.

10. Book Clutch (Kate Spade)
Handbag designer Kate Spade has a variety of purses made up to mimic classic novels. If only there were a Canada Reads edition of the line...

Toronto World Mastercard Fashion Week runs October 21 - 26.

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