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What Are You Wearing to Fashion Week? Marg Delahunty Style Inspiration

When CBC Live visited the set of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, our team discovered the origin story of Marg Delahunty's Warrior Princess battle togs. You might take that info as inspiration for this year's Halloween costume. But with Toronto World Mastercard Fashion Week happening from now through October 26, we've got other sorts of wardrobe-planning on our minds.

What you wear to the runway shows can get as much attention as the collections themselves, so we've been preparing a week of looks -- taking cues from the icons of the CBC: Don Cherry, The Beachcombers, Murdoch Mysteries, Q's Jian Ghomeshi

But there are few who've redefined CBC style like Mary Walsh character Marg Delahunty Warrior Princess. Stay gold and stay fierce this Fashion Week by taking inspiration from her.


1. "Dolly" Mesh and Jersey Dress (French Connection)
This swing-skirted party dress is our blank canvas for all all the brassy accessories you can lift without getting a hernia. By the time you're done, you should look like you're armour-plated.

2. Quilted Cuffs (Forever 21)
Just $10.80 a piece, start with one for each wrist. Or pretend you're living on a senator's salary and splurge on so many they'll reach your elbows.

3. "Twisted Warrior" Earrings (ASOS)
We're pretty sure these "Twisted Warrior" earrings were named after Marg herself.

4. Spiked Epaulettes (ASOS)
A flashy upgrade to Marg's traditional shoulder armour. Warning: may discourage congratulatory pats on the back.
5. Gold "Gia" Clutch (Michael Kors)
It's not quite big enough to carry your sword, but this Michael Kors clutch should at least have room for your Fashion Week essentials.

6. "Treasure Doing Business With You" Necklace (Mod Cloth)
Only Mr. T loves gold chains like Marg does, and this single piece is a 4-for-1 deal, combining several brassy strands in one.

7. Butterfly Sunglasses (Top Shop)
Marg's favourite frames in her favourite brassy metallic. Someone should tell her she can get 'em at Top Shop.

8. Cuffed Black and Gold Suede Pumps (Fendi)
These shoes cost more than the entire outfit combined. But a princess, warrior or not, loves luxury. 

Toronto World Mastercard Fashion Week runs October 21 - 26.

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