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What Are You Wearing to Fashion Week? Don Cherry Style Inspiration

All eyes are on the runway, sure. But they're also on every last fashion editor, make-up girl or confused civilian who wanders past the tents. We're referring to what happens during Toronto World Mastercard Fashion Week, and another round of shows is approaching. October 21 - 26 the event will dominate the city's David Pecaut Square -- located right across the street from our CBC HQ. 

So...whatcha wearing?

No, no. Don't answer yet. We have a few ideas we'd like to share with you first. They're not snatched from some other international runway, and we're not cribbing what your favourite fashion bible is decreeing the must-wear look of the season.

Instead, we're drawing inspiration from what we know best: the CBC.

Previously, we put together a look paying homage to The Beachcombers

Now, it's all about Hockey Night in Canada's most fashionable player: Don Cherry.


1. Red Rose Headband (ASOS)
Don Cherry always completes his look with a rose. He likes pinning his to a lapel, but we prefer this statement headband -- an on-trend accessory that's as over-the-top as the man himself.

2. Floral Cropped Jacket (Top Shop
Don Cherry loves a floral suit, nearly as much as he loves a plaid one. (We drew the line at a double-breasted cut.)

3. High-Collar Contrast Blouse (ASOS)
That black lace bib is almost as wide as one of Grapes' ties.

4. Floral Cigarette Trousers (Top Shop)
When he's behind the Coach's Corner desk, Hockey Night in Canada watchers are deprived of marvelling in Cherry's complete outfits. We'd like to think every floral jacket comes with a matching set of slacks.

5. Suede Ankle Boots (Zara)
Cherry red!

6. Boston Bruins Clutch (Spawty Store)
In the spirit of Don Cherry, this one's another over-the-top statement piece -- one that also pays tribute to his days coaching the Bruins.

7. Hockey Helmet Bangles (Etsy)
Stack your wrist with these brassy bracelets, and you'll be ready to rock 'em sock 'em at Fashion Week.

Toronto World Mastercard Fashion Week runs October 21 - 26.

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