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We're Listening To: Serena Ryder


CBC Music has done it again bringing you exclusive full album streams even before records drop. This week, CBC Music listeners get to sample the brand new album from a three-time Juno Award winning Canadian alternative rock/pop songstress all the way up to the release on Nov. 27. So it's no wonder that we're listening to Serena Ryder and you should too.

Harmony, the follow-up to the Juno Award winning album Is It O.K., is Serena's fifth and most personal album yet, exposing the good, the bad and the ugly of her life thus far. Fittingly using her own home studio to record many songs, the album features every bit of Serena's musical soul; her vocals and instrumental talents.

Allowing CBC Music to preview the album is certainly a treat for Serena's fans and CBC Music listeners alike. And since she's no stranger to CBC, there's plenty of additional music and videos for you to check out. She stopped by studio Q with Jian Ghomeshi a few years back to perform some of her songs from Is It O.K. Here's Little Bit of Red and Sweeping The Ashes:

Perhaps something you didn't know about Serena is that she can rap. What's more is that she performed that talent with our very own George Stroumboulopoulos. Check them out dabbling in a little TLC:

You can listen to Serena's Harmony all week long - as well as some of her other hit songs - on CBC Music. And while you're at it, let her know what you think...

Listen to Serena Ryder on CBC Music // Follow Serena Ryder on Twitter


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