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We're Listening To: Evening Hymns


As huge fans of CBC Music, we love how you can stream music online or on your mobile device, read up on artist profiles including bios, albums and tours and customize your own playlist with a wide variety of songs - all for free! With the amount of music available to you at the click of a button, you can very well discover a new favourite artist each day. We've given you recommendations before, so crank up the volume because this week we're listening to Evening Hymns, and you should too!

From the master-mind of singer-songwriter Jonas Bonnetta, the folk rock band Evening Hymns released their second full length album - Spectral Dusk - yesterday (August 21). As the follow up to the acclaimed 2009 Spirit Guides, Spectral Dusk features collaborations with members from The Wooden Sky, Timber Timbre, City and Colour and focuses on very personal issues (Bonnetta deals with the loss of his father three years ago through the music).

Prior to dropping the new record, Evening Hymns gave fans a sneak peek at what they could expect with the first music video off the album for the track Family Tree. The video - starring one of last year's TIFF Rising Stars, Katie Boland - also happens to be directed by CBC Live's very own James Cooper, in collaboration with Istoica. Check it out:

We decided to ask James a few questions about the Family Tree video and Evening Hymns:

CBC Live: What is the concept of the Family Tree music video and your inspiration in this work?

James Cooper: The video uses the dramatic contrast between the loving happy family, and the eery projections of the family on the empty rooms of the house. From that we get a deep sense of loss and nostalgia, which I think really connects to what the song is singing about. We would shoot a scene inside, edit it, then come back at night and project that scene onto the same place that we shot it. That way we could cut between the two creating that sense of jumping back and forth between the past and the present. It's a very powerful song, although we didn't know what the song was about until the video was already shot, and I think despite that the two ideas work together really nicely.

What does it feel like to have worked with Evening Hymns - a band on CBC Music - on this video after working with them in the past?

JC: It was wonderful working with Evening Hymns again. The last time we worked with Evening Hymns they were naked and swimming around in the freezing cold lake. I am sure Jonas was thrilled to have his clothes on in this video. It's great that they can share their songs and videos on CBC music. The more places people can watch and listen to great Canadian music the better.

Evening Hymns will support the release of Spectral Dusk with tours in Canada and Europe later this year.

You can catch Evening Hymns in late September on Concerts on Demand and early October on CBC Radio 2's Canada Live.

Listen to Evening Hymns on CBC Music // Follow Evening Hymns on Twitter

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