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WATCH: Thomas Craig's Favourite Episode of Murdoch Mysteries Season 6

Will they?

Won't they?

When are they going to graduate from hand-holding?

The biggest Murdoch "mystery" of the last year has been the fate of Dr. Julia Ogden (Helene Joy) and our titular detective. Throughout Season 6, Ogden and Murdoch have waited for her divorce from Darcy to go through, but the drama takes a turn most deadly on Monday's episode - a romantic cliffhanger that will take fans into the season finale on Monday, April 15.

"Oh, it involves Ogden's husband Darcy so I can't say anymore," Murdoch Mysteries' Thomas Craig told CBC Live earlier this spring.

So much for spoilers.

But then, as MM's blustery Inspector Brackenreid, Craig is usually left out of most of the Ogden/Murdoch drama. And just about any hearts-and-flowers storylines for that matter.

Why don't we see more of Mrs. Brackenreid?

"Yeah, well, she's in it once or twice a season," says Craig. "Each season you get a litle bit of Brackenreid, what's going on in his live, but I love the thread that Yannick and Helene do. ... The writers have handled it quite skillfully and you don't know which way it's going to play out."

Still, Craig's favourite Murdoch moments of the year don't cater to the show's 'shippers.

"[The writers] brought all the Boer War stuff back, and things about Brackenreid wanting to get back isn the army, back to his youth. It was nice dressing up in military uniform, all the jokes about how he put weight on since he got in that uniform back in the day."


That all happens in the first episode of the season, "Murdoch Air," an adventure that also includes...

The first successful (and fictional) airplane flight over Niagara Falls:


And the first "hot hamburger sandwich" served in Toronto:


"Also, the wife pitched up," adds Craig.


Clearly, it's a Murdoch Mysteries episode with it all.

Watch "Murdoch Air," Craig's Season 6 pick, below:

A new episode of Murdoch Mysteries airs on CBC Monday at 9 p.m./9:30 NT. Tune in to the finale Monday, April 15.

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