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WATCH: Mr. D's Maestro Fresh Wes Crashes a Wedding

Yes, you read that correctly. Star of Mr. D and rapper Wes Williams - aka Maestro Fresh Wes - crashed a wedding at the weekend, and now you can watch the video of it...

A little backstory? Okay - when Frank (the man of the hour) was growing up, he wanted to be a basketball player or an MC. As a 5ft 10" white fellow, that didn't seem as though it would happen. At his wedding reception, his new wife handed him a microphone and he took to the floor for a rendition of his favourite song: Let Your Backbone Slide. By whom? Yes, "the Godfather of Canadian hip-hop", Maestro Fresh Wes. This became a tradition of Frank's, and during his latest performance, this happened...


Above, you can see Wes Williams in an episode of Mr. D with Gerry Dee. Below, you can watch the video for Let Your Backbone Slide:



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