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WATCH: Jason Priestley Eats 'The Priestley' on Q

-- Getty Images

Jason Priestley.

Definition: Follicularly gifted Canadian actor known for HBO Canada's Call Me Fitz and the Beverly Hills, 90210 lunchbox you carried grades 4 through 6. He is currently starring in a Toronto production of David Mamet's RACE and was Friday's featured guest on CBC's Q.

-- Tim Horton's

The Priestley.

Definition: The combination of a Tim Horton's Timbit stuffed inside a Strawberry Vanilla.

Origin: The Feb. 4, 2013 episode of How I Met Your Mother, wherein actor Jason Priestley describes the taste sensation's creation at a Squamish, B.C. Timmys. Since its TV debut, the Priestley has been baked, in limited edition, by Tim Horton's and has even been consumed by Jason Priestley himself.

For further reference, please see Friday's episode of Q, wherein Jian Ghomeshi offers Priestley a "Priestley."

-- CBC

Did he love it?

Did he suffer a coronary, live from Studio Q?

Did he whip a bottle of Dep Gel out of his pocket, drizzle it over the donut and dub it "The Brandon?"

Watch Jason Priestley on Q below:


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