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WATCH: First Trailer for The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy has been in the works for a long time now, but here's the deal: there's no Matt Damon. Jeremy Renner (of Mission: Impossible 4 fame, and soon to be seen in The Avengers) has taken over the franchise. He'll star as Aaron Cross, another agent from a covert government program, just like Bourne, dealing with the ramifications of his actions in the previous films. Plus, plenty of the original cast returns (with Edward Norton thrown in!). Check out the trailer below:

The book of the same name was the fourth in the Bourne series but the first not written by Robert Ludlum. After his death and the success of the original Bourne films, Eric Van Lustbader took over the series. Van Lustbader has written seven additional books now, starting with 2004's The Bourne Legacy. His latest, The Bourne Upset, will be released this year.

Originally, the film - starring Damon - would have been tentatively based on the book, but due to Damon dropping out that's no longer the case. Why did Damon drop out, we hear you ask? Well, he didn't want to make the film without the director of the last two movies, Paul Greengrass. He wasn't interested, but neither of the two have ruled out a return to the series in the future, and there's definitely scope...



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