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WATCH: CBC Live's Very Own 'Year of the Dragons'

It was a bonkers weekend in entertainment news, between the MTV Movie Awards, Coachella and that thing Justin Bieber probably shouldn't have written in the Anne Frank House's guestbook.

But a weekend's just a weekend.

CBC's Sunday, however, was dedicated to something much bigger, or at least longer: an entire YEAR of the Dragons.

The Dragons' Den Season 7 finale, "Year of the Dragons," airs again Monday at 8 p.m./8:30 NT. And compiled from a full season of behind-the-scenes footage, the special follows Kevin O'Leary, Arlene Dickinson, David Chilton, Bruce Croxon and Jim Treliving out of their usual Den digs, and out into the real world.

An hour of "Dragon Life" features plenty of million-dollar views, private planes - and yes, even some thoughtful advice from these CBC stars, as you'd imagine.

But every behind-the-scenes special needs a few unexpected moments.

Scenes like a style segment featuring Jim Treliving:


David Chilton's recipe for a breakfast of business champions:


(For reference, it's a poached egg, toast and a lot of Diet Pepsi.)

Or evidence that Kevin O'Leary is, indeed, capable of making feelings squeeze out of his eyeballs:


For more, watch the whole Season 7 finale below:

And if that leaves you wanting more behind-the-scenes moments with the Dragons' Den crew, CBC Live has followed the show's stars all year, too.

(See! Here's CBC Live's Jamey Ordolis interviewing Jim Treliving in a scene from the Season 7 finale.)


For more from CBC Live's own, personal "Year of the Dragons," check out these video highlights.

Dragons Dish on Season 7

Dragons' Den and Students Open the TSX

Dragon David Chilton Guest Stars on Arctic Air

David Chilton Enters the Dragons' Den


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VIDEO: Dragons Dish on Season Seven
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