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Want to Pitch a Dragon? You Must Love Dogs

There are more than just Dragons in the Den. Every now and then a dog wanders on set without earning the wrath of these business titans. Dragons' Den star David Chilton probably wishes there were more furry guests. Or maybe not. A Dragon only has so many millions to invest.

You see, Chilton loves dogs. "I am a dog nut," he clarifies to CBC Live. His own pet, a mixed breed named Sammy, rules his Waterloo-area house.

A Dragon's best friend: David Chilton and Sammy.

And pro-tip for would be Dragons' Den guests: a pooch-centric pitch is one sure shot at an investment. At least one from "The Wealthy Barber."

"On Dragons' Den this year, oh my gosh. As soon as a dog came down the stairs I was in," Chilton told CBC Live during a break in filming last week. The show wrapped shooting its eighth season over the weekend. Look for new episodes in the fall.

"I said yes to all three dog ideas last year. It was bad. No. I think they were good ideas, but I have to admit my objectivity is compromised by my affection for the pets," he continued.

"One guy actually brought out puppies, and while he was making his pitch we were holding the puppies on our laps. Of course I was going to be in. How do you say no to that?"

Somehow, Kevin O'Leary could probably find a way.

"I'm not crazy, though," Chilton continued, explaining he won't sign a check for any pair of big puppy-dog eyes.

"I try to invest on Dragons' Den in things that make a lot of sense. I don't buy into coats and those types of things, but I do believe in the pet product industry, there's a lot of potential there."

And there have been a lot of past Dragons' Den pitches to mine those canine opportunities.

Check out a few examples from the Dragons' Den vault:

Dragons' Den airs on CBC Sundays at 8 p.m.

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