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VIDEO: Krystin Pellerin's St. John's

Tonight's episode of Republic of Doyle features the return of Gordon Pinsent as Maurice Becker, a role that won him a 2013 Canadian Screen Award.

Gordon, like Allan Hawco, Krystin Pellerin and Mark O'Brien, is a Newfoundland native and has tread the boards of the LSPU Hall Theatre, which was just one of the stops Krystin made when she took us on a tour of her favourite spots in St. John's, where the show is set and filmed. 

Her other must-sees were the top of Signal Hill for that unparalleled Atlantic Ocean view, Water Street for the best in locally owned shops and restaurants and - the ultimate attraction for Republic of Doyle fans (and cast and crew - they go there every Thursday) - the real Duke of Duckworth Pub. You can see the Republic of Doyle recreation of the Duke of Duckworth in our set tour, but first, let the lovely Krystin take your around one of the most beautiful cities in Canada...


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