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VIDEO: What's the Future of Music at CBC?

CBC Music launched little more than a year ago, but with the pace of change being so quick, what's the future of music at the CBC?

(Beyond, of course, the recent launch of CBC's Sonica, and a certain CBC Music TV presence that was teased during a certain Canada Lives Here panel.)

About that panel: CBC music experts including Chris Boyce, Tom Allen, Lana Gay, Julian Tuck and Tom Power speculated on "what's next" during a public discussion Friday afternoon.

The talk was part of the open house being held at CBC's Toronto Broadcast Centre through Sunday, May 19. (Visit for schedule info and stream further events on CBC Live as they happen.)

CBC Live
has the full video, and if you're curious about the panellists' pedigree, turn to CBC Radio 2 host Tom Power for an endorsement.

CBC Live caught Power after the Q&A, while he was en route to the Canada Lives Here Experience. He's featured in one of the halls. "[I'm going to] take a picture of my face so my mom can see it."

"I don't mean to give a major plug because one of the guys on stage decides my job, but Chris Boyce - you get the feeling he's actually a bit of a futurist," Power told CBC Live of the CBC's executive director of radio, echoing something he earlier said on stage.

("It's so cool at CBC Music to feel that you might actually be ahead of the game at least by five or six years, and just that feeling that we're ready for that next step is the coolest thing for me," Power said during the talk.")

But back to his estimation of Boyce: "He's one of those people who sees really far into the future and can predict things," Power says. "Like Malcolm Gladwell, like Steve Jobs. He seems to really understand what's coming. So to sit there and hear him talk about the future of music has value in itself."

Your crystal ball, then, is the video below:

Visit for more info on CBC Open House events. The CBC's Toronto Broadcast Centre is opening its doors through Sunday, May 19 for a series of events that are free to the public, including the Canada Lives Here Experience.

Livestream more discussions like this one, and watch video from past talks on CBC Live.

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