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VIDEO: What to Expect When You're Expecting a Royal

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With the royal due date approaching, CBC News is rolling out updates on their Royal Baby blog, with coverage of the increasing media presence outside of St. Mary's Hospital, Canadian plans for celebrating the birth -- even a quiz about royal babies through history. If there was a way to seismographically monitor Kate Middleton's contractions, you'd find it there.

But of course, all the news and photos and trivia found at the Royal Baby blog is just a dress rehearsal for the big event. And as CBC's newly appointed Royal Commentator, Bonnie Brownlee, told us last week, once the Duchess of Cambridge begins her Royal Labour, Brownlee will "be on air until we have a new royal."

But what can you expect from a Royal Birth -- apart from the outcome, a child who'll be third in line for the throne? How will they announce the news and why? Where will Prince William be during the delivery? And what will they name the baby?

Watch the video for the answers. Brownlee explains what you can expect when you're expecting a Royal Baby.

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