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VIDEO: What are the Best Movie Night Recipes Ever?

Tuesday. For homebodies, it's pretty much the best day ever. The same goes for movie-lovers, I suppose, and anyone out there who's been compiling a Hoarders-worthy library of home videos since the dawn of Betamax. That's because every Tuesday the latest DVD releases arrive. (This week's batch, for instance, includes Gangster Squad, Broken City, Jurassic Park 3D.)

But for those who like to nosh as they watch, what are best snacks ever for this day of days?

Leave that to Christine Tizzard, host of CBC's Best Recipes Ever and major home-movie fan.

A mother of two, Tizzard tells CBC Live that she throws her family a movie night once a week.

"Me and my husband are big movie buffs, we watch a lot of movies, and so it's always a real treat to get all four of us together," she says.

What are they watching? "I love anything to do with animals," she says. Comedies are big, as are cartoons.

But what are they eating? Those recipes can be found on the Best Recipes Ever website.

Two of Tizzard's favourites are salty/sweet treats that the whole family can make together.

Watch CBC Live's video for more:

(Produced by Jamey Ordolis, James Cooper/CBC Live)

And here's a closer look at Tizzard's movie snack suggestions.

Check out her Honey Apple Snack Mix:


Crunchy munchies including pretzels, nuts, cereal and rice cake crumbles get baked up with spices and a naturally sweet applesauce/honey mixture for this movie-night favourite.

Get the recipe on the show's website.

Also, as Tizzard says, "popcorn is a must at a movie." That principle especially applies if you can somehow combine some buttery kernels with another must-have snack: chocolate.

Try her S'mores Popcorn Balls.


"It's a little messy and kids love to get in the kitchen and make a mess," she tells CBC Live. Also: kids of all ages love snacks. Pro tip.

Get the recipe on the show's website.

Best Recipes Ever airs weekdays on CBC at 3 p.m.

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