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VIDEO: Tom Power's Teenage Dream Comes True with Help From Leonard Cohen

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Bieber vs. The Bard?

It's the Juno Awards face-off that everyone, or at least every reporter, loves to spaz over.

To briefly catch you up on this year's nominations, Leonard Cohen is competing against Justin Bieber in two major categories this weekend, artist of the year and fan choice.

You'd think they couldn't be more different. Bieber isn't a member of the Order of Canada, he doesn't have a Grammy or a Glenn Gould Prize or any honorary degrees. His two books aren't taught at any universities.Yet.

But both musicians share one rare and star-making quality you can't just attribute to their Canadian passports. When it comes to their fans, both Leonard Cohen and Justin Bieber are like agents of chaos. Where they go, pandemonium follows.

CBC Radio 2 host Tom Power knows it.

"I have friends of mine who are 25-year-old girls and they are still madly in love with Leonard Cohen, like he's Justin Bieber, you know," Power told CBC Live. "They're just as in love with him as they would have been in 1964. He's, I mean he's a bit of a sex symbol. He really is."

But CBC Live wasn't talking with Power because we wanted to chatter about the Biebz.

April 9 at Hamilton's Copps Coliseum, Power got to live out his own personal teenage dream: introducing Leonard Cohen to the stage.

And CBC was there to capture the moment - plus grab footage from Cohen's opening song, "Dance Me to End of Love."

Cohen is still on tour in Canada, and his April 20 performance in St. John's, Nfld. will feature another CBC talent. Anthony Germain will welcome him to Mile One Centre's stage.

Watch CBC Live's video from the Hamilton show below, and if you're not yet a Leonard Cohen acolyte, CBC Music has a comprehensive page dedicated to his life and music.

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