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VIDEO: Tom Harrington and Erica Johnson Expose the Making of Marketplace

Just as Tom Harrington and Erica Johnson were settling in for their Canada Lives Here panel on the making of Marketplace, they shared a recent win for their investigative show.

Because of a Marketplace report from last fall, warning labels are now required to appear on all beef for sale that's been mechanically tenderized. Canada's Agriculture Minister announced the news today, saying the change must go through July 2.

"For us, that's a goal. That's a touchdown," Harrington told the audience gathered at the CBC's Toronto Broadcast Centre. Through Sunday, May 19, CBC stars like him are appearing in discussions open to the public. (Livestream them all at CBC Live.)

As Harrington and Johnson said during their hour-long conversation, Marketplace exists to serve Canadians like those in the audience. "Our focus is to expose wrongdoing," Johnson said at one point during the talk. But the investigative consumer affairs show is completely unique in North America. No other show like it currently exists on the air. "CBC's the only place where it can and will exist," Harrington said at the top of the discussion.

For more from their talk - a discussion that included the hosts' personal behind-the-scenes highlights and a couple war stories from harrowing interviews - watch the video below.

Visit for more info on CBC Open House events. The CBC's Toronto Broadcast Centre is opening its doors through Sunday, May 19 for a series of events that are free to the public, including the Canada Lives Here Experience.

Livestream more discussions like this one, and watch video from past talks on CBC Live.

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