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VIDEO: Stars of Midnight's Children Lead Big TIFF Buzz for the Film

Zaib Shaikh and Anita Majumdar attended yesterday's TIFF 2012 opening press conference on behalf of one the most anticipated films of the upcoming festival - which just happens to be Canadian - Midnight's Children. The film is directed by Deepa Mehta based on the acclaimed novel by Salman Rushdie, who also wrote the screenplay adaptation. 

TIFF artistic director Cameron Bailey told CBC News, "[In] Midnight's Children, a book that was famously seen as impossible to adapt, [Mehta]'s found a way into the heart of the book." 

You can read Salman's note about what it was like to work with Deepa on adapting his novel for the screen. 

"And now it's done," he writes, "and it's for others to judge what we did. This is the gamble of art: to make the work you want to make and then offer it to its audience, and to hope that it will touch them. When that happens, with a book or film, it's the best feeling in the world."

We talked to Zaib and Anita about why they're so proud to star in the film and what it's like to be offering it to the audience at TIFF. Check it out...

Zaib (who you can binge-watch in six seasons as the star of Little Mosque on the Prairie) and Deepa Mehta also exchanged some celebratory tweets following the announcement:

Visit the Midnight's Children website for more background on the making of the movie and follow Midnight's Children on Twitter and like Midnight's Children on Facebook for the latest updates.

CBC News has the full story on the more than 60 TIFF 2012 film titles announced yesterday. Make sure to tune in regularly for TIFF updates from here on in. 

The 2012 Toronto International Film Festival runs September 6th to 12th. Visit the official TIFF website for tickets and information. 


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