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VIDEO: Naomi Snieckus and Scott Thompson on The Script Tease Project

The Script Tease Project is an improv show from Naomi Snieckus' successful improv troupe, The National Theatre of The World. It kicked off its week long run at the Theatre Pass Muraille in Toronto on May 28, running until June 3.

You can join the three person troupe each night for what will most certainly prove to be an entertaining show. The Script Tease Project has taken an original approach for their improv inspiration by asking a different writer to contribute each night. Writers ranging from dramatists to comedians have sent in two page scripts that the troupe use each night as the basis for the improv show.

CBC Live had the chance to chat with Mr. D star Naomi Snieckus to talk about the show with one of Script Tease's guest writer's, the venerable Scott Thompson. Check out the video to see what they had to say:

For more information check out The National Theatre of the World's website.



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