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VIDEO: Inside CCMA Awards Rehearsals with Autumn Hill

Autumn Hill is nominated in the Rising Star of the year category at the 2013 CCMA Awards. --Universal Music Canada

September 8 on CBC you can watch Autumn Hill play the Canadian Country Music Association Awards. It'll be the nominated act's first time on the show, and it'll be their first time attending the show, period.

Even if they're pros at charting Top 10 radio hits (please refer to singles "Can't Keep Waiting" and "Anything at All," which tug at heartstrings in their respective bombastic ways), these two are still newbs to the awards-show circuit.

That's left Tareya Green and Mike Robins -- the lady and gentleman behind Autumn Hill -- with a puzzle: How do you get ready for the CCMA Awards?

So far, their plan is pretty basic. Plenty of sleep is key, says Robins. "And we're eating," offers Green. "Cold FX!" adds Robins. "Vitamins! Some time in the gym!"

And -- real talk -- they'll also log countless hours of practice.

Until these Rising Star nominees board their flight to YEG, their default home base will be their rehearsal space at Toronto's Coalition Music.

It's an arrangement they're used to. Earlier this year, they recorded much of their debut album, Favourite Mistake (Sept. 10), in the same converted church. And a few days back, Autumn Hill invited CBC Live over to visit.

"We're just surprised. Shocked that we're performing on the show, we're so excited," Green told CBC Live. But the suddenly surreal life of a CCMA Awards nominee is easier to grasp when you have someone to share in the experience.  

A little more than a year ago, Green and Robins were solo acts. Both signed to Wax Records, a writing session (for Green's project) brought them together. They got a song out of that meeting, sure. (It's actually the title track on their upcoming album.) More importantly, they discovered some undeniable chemistry. "This sound just sort of happened and we fell in love with it," Robins told CBC Live.

"We really do lean on each other for everything," Green says -- moral support, reminders to take their vitamins. Robins finishes her thought: "It's such a blessing to have somebody to share this with."

Watch for their debut album, Favourite Mistake, September 10. As per Green, the collection of duets "explores different aspects of a relationship: the beginning, the middle, the bitter end -- and after the end." And a new video, for current single "Fire," is expected to arrive before they make the trip to Edmonton. (Visit their website for updates.)

But first, watch our interview with Autumn Hill. The duo talks about their journey to the CCMA Awards and lets us in for a special rehearsal of "Can't Keep Waiting."

The 2013 Canadian Country Music Awards air on CBC Sunday, Sept. 8 at 8 p.m./8:30 NT.


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