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VIDEO: Gillian Findlay on Kids and Violence

Known for her in depth investigations, the fifth estate's Gillian Findlay will once again go deep into a frightening reality by revisiting the lives of three young men from tough Toronto neighborhoods; a story she first documented seven years ago.

On Friday (Oct. 26), the host of the fifth estate will find out what has now become of the men in Lost in the Struggle: The Next Chapter.

In what she says is an "update that we need to do" after this summer's gun violence in Toronto, Gillian explores the three different experiences that have resulted in very different outcomes. One in particular surrounds Andrew Burnett - the first young man Gillian profiled back in 2006. Burnett is now accused of first-degree murder after a man was shot to death in an apartment hallway in September.

We spoke to Gillian about her experience revisiting this story and the lives of these men:

You can watch Lost in the Struggle: The Next Chapter 
on Friday October 26 at 9pm on CBC

the fifth estate airs Fridays at 9pm on CBC



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