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VIDEO: Gerry Dee Is A Better Athlete Than You, Says Gerry Dee

He's awesome. Just listen to the Mr. D themesong -- or ask Gerry Dee himself. Because the last time CBC Live hung out with the comedian, Dee was all about talking himself up. (Fair enough; that's what actors are supposed to do in interviews.) But intstead of, say, boasting about creating a Canadian Comedy Award-nominated sitcom or starring in his own TV show or writing a best-selling book, Dee reminded us of another aspect of his awesomocity.

He is an all-star of physical fitness and skill. A champion, a superman, a modern Hercules in a golf tee.

(He is also joking. We think.)

"Find a better athlete at CBC than me," Dee challenged.

Mansbridge? Strombo? Figure-skating hero (and Battle of the Blades host) Kurt Browning?


How about Republic of Doyle's Allan Hawco? (We seem to remember something about Dee getting bested in a hockey match last year.)

Or maybe we should just let it go and admit Dee's a total champ at the most important thing: comedy.

Watch the video below for more from Dee.

-- Produced by James Cooper, Craig Cooper and Jamey Ordolis/CBC Live

Mr. D
is currently filming its third season in Halifax. For behind-the-scenes pictures from the set, check out some of the photos the cast has been sharing online.

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