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VIDEO: Downton Abbey Star Thomas Howes on Murdoch Mysteries

Like much of the rest of the world, we're huge fans of the hit ITV drama Downton Abbey and its characters from the upstairs-downstairs world of post-Edwardian British aristocracy. 

So, when "William Mason, the second footman" was coming to Toronto to guest star on Murdoch Mysteries as a young Winston Churchill, we had to give in to our fandom and go behind-the-scenes.

We found Murdoch star Yannick Bisson and Downton's Thomas Howes had become fast friends shooting an episode that's a take on The Hangover. Thomas said it was fun to play Churchill as a "party boy". 

"I'm very grateful to Downton," he told us. "I mean, I've only got this because of that."

And although he's used to the period costumes, we have to give Thomas credit for surviving the sweltering heat of that day in his young Churchill suit. 

This episode of Murdoch Mysteries airs tonight on CBC TV at 9/9:30NT and watch our behind the scenes video with Thomas and Yannick:  


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