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VIDEO: Dragon David Chilton Fired Up For Arctic Air Role

Every Dragon on CBC's Dragons' Den is hungry for new opportunities: maybe they'll invest in that smoothie franchise they saw in The Den, maybe they'll publish a book or five. Or maybe they'll cash it all in and launch a new career: acting.

OK, maybe not - though Kevin O'Leary seems to be enjoying his ample CBC screentime. Still, look for Dragon David Chilton on this week's episode of Arctic Air.

-- CBC

Don't mistake the erstwhile "Wealthy Barber's" appearance as some calculated instance of cross-promotion, he says.

"This is just shallow David Chilton wanting to be on Arctic Air," he told CBC Live, explaining why he landed the guest spot. The Wednesday night drama, which was recently picked up for a third season, is one of his favourite shows.

And CBC Live tagged along on Chilton's Arctic Air debut, joining him on location at a Burnaby, B.C. hotel back in December. The setting will sub in for Calgary in the episode, and as for Chilton, he'll play himself. As he joked on Twitter, it's the part he was born to play:

Never mind all the time he's logged in front of the Dragons' Den cameras, Chilton admitted he was feeling nervous on the day of the shoot.

"He was sweating, I think," Arctic Air star, Pascale Hutton, told CBC Live - though the butterflies may have had less to do with nerves, and more to do with the joke she pulled on her unsuspecting guest star.

For more on that, and the full story of Chilton's experience shooting Arctic Air, watch CBC Live's video below:

-- Produced by Jamey Ordolis and James Cooper, CBC Live

David Chilton's episode of Arctic Air debuts Wednesday, April 10 on CBC at 9 p.m./9:30 NT. Watch Dragons' Den on CBC Mondays at 8 p.m./8:30 NT.

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