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VIDEO: Coronation Street Set Secrets

It's seen 53 years of scandal. If only the cobbles of Coronation Street could talk.

Would they dish on that time the Queen visited the soap's set in 1982, to officially open their renovated backlot at England's Granada Studios? Or maybe they've got extra dirt on what's going on between Leanne and Nick -- or Roy and Hayley  -- the kind of stuff you won't pick up from religiously watching Corrie on CBC.

Here's the thing about secrets, though. As Corrie's David Neilson told CBC Live this month: "the secrets are secrets." Well played, Roy Cropper. Still, a few of his cast mates were a bit more loose lipped.

And when CBC Live travelled from Toronto to Coronation Street's actual Coronation Street, familiar faces such as Jennie McAlpine (our Fiz!) and Cherylee Houston (our Izzy!) gave us an exclusive tour of the set.

It's the oldest backlot in soap history, but just like the storylines, Corrie's home in Manchester is always evolving. (During the set tour, we got a first peek at a brand new corner shop: Barlow's Buys -- soon to be as much of a Weatherfield institution as the Rover's or Roy's Rolls?)

And the cast's insider expertise was invaluable. Sure, they shared some insider info you'll only hear -- and see -- in the video below, but a trip to this sprawling set requires a top-drawer tour guide. As Corrie's John Michie admitted, "after two years I cannot find my around that place."

Watch the video below for Coronation Street Set Secrets:

Coronation Street airs weekdays on CBC at 7:30 p.m./8 p.m. NT and Sundays at 8 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

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