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Tweets From 2112: Our Favourites from #CanadaWrites

We love it when the CBC Books team and #CanadaWrites decide to have a Twitter contest (best break-up tweets, anyone?). And so do you, quite obviously:

Yesterday's task? To compose tweets from 2112, 100 years in the future. Rush references were inevitable... The man charged with judging the 2112 tweets? Robert J. Sawyer, the award winning science fiction writer. Robert has already announced the first of the longlisted tweets, and throughout the day we were also keeping an eye on the #CanadaWrites hashtag.

We've rounded up some of our favourite tweets from 2112, and we'll start with one from the judge himself (but, obviously, he can't win):

Being picked by us doesn't mean a place on Robert J. Sawyer's longlist, but we'd like to say: Good work, everyone!



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