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Justin Trudeau Gets Auto-tuned, PLUS Advice From Shatner

Nowadays on YouTube, you can pretty much find anything remixed into a musical manipulation by auto-tune. Everything from news reports to political speeches have become viral sensations after receiving a little auto-tune treatment. Last night on CBC, 22 Minutes took a comical shot at the online video trend when they remixed Canadian politician Justin Trudeau's recent Liberal leadership speech - auto-tune style. Watch the video of Justin as he "sings" his main points.

Last night's episode continued to poke fun at Justin when 22 Minutes' Mark Critch addressed one of the politician's biggest criticisms - the fact that he tends to be a bit over-dramatic when he speaks. Wanting to help Justin out, 22 Minutes turned to the "most dramatic actor of all time" - William Shatner. Take a look at the advice William had to offer Justin:

Finally, CBC's own Rex Murphy (Mark Critch) tackled Trudeau-mania upon the announcement that Justin would run for the Liberal leadership last week. Check it out:

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