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Toast the Royal Baby with a Royal Favourite: Gin

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You've got one eye on CBC News Network's Royal Baby live cam, the other eye on's Royal Baby live blog, and whenever you can you're scanning Twitter for the latest Royal Baby updates from Clarence House...and other, less officious sources.

When Baby Cambridge arrives, you'll be ready.

But do you have a chilled bevvie waiting on ice -- something you can raise in a toast to the future monarch/tabloid cover star?

Our suggestion? Cheers the Royal Baby with a royal favourite: gin.

The Queen loves it so much she reportedly takes gin cocktails twice daily, before lunch and bedtime -- and it's a taste shared by The Queen Mother before her.

So if something as straightforward as a fizzy gin and tonic seems too common for this royal occasion, remember it's an aromatic tipple with their approval. (For really. Tanqueray gin is stamped with the Royal Warrant.) And as CBC's Royal Commentator, Bonnie Brownlee, told us earlier this summer, the royals are, at heart, just like the rest of us: "They go home and put their sweats on like anybody else, right? There might be a gin and tonic involved in it, I'm not saying."

So how to enjoy a bit of gin on this day of days?

The team at Steven and Chris have a full primer on the stuff.

Watch the video below for the "Cocktail Deeva's" gin tips.

Then, visit the Steven and Chris website for cocktail recipe suggestions.

Will you toast the Royal Baby with a classic gin and tonic...


A delicate Rose Petal Cucumber Martini?


A zingy Basil Smash?

Find those cocktail recipes and more on the website.

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