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Throwback Thursday: The Big Chill at TIFF


I heard it through the grapevine. (OK, actually it was through TIFF's Twitter feed.) But get this: there'll be a Big Chill 30-year reunion at this year's Toronto International Film Festival.

September 5, stars including Glenn Close and Meg Tilly will discuss the drama in a special Q&A, after a 4K restoration of the piece screens.

TIFF is where the world first watched The Big Chill, laughing and crying and dancing along to Motown hits with the baby boomer ensemble. The movie won the fest's People's Choice Award in 1983, which began its road to the Academy Awards, where it was nominated for three trophies including Best Picture.

It's a pattern that's commonplace today. (Just look to last year's People's Choice winner, Silver Linings Playbook, which rode its TIFF buzz into awards season.) But in the early '80s, the phenomenon was still new -- as was TIFF itself.

Two years before The Big Chill's debut, another film went from TIFF to the Oscars: Chariots of Fire. It was the first time festival buzz proved the launching point for Academy Award success. Chariots of Fire claimed the 1981 People's Choice prize, eventually winning the Best Picture Oscar.

So this Throwback Thursday, take a look at what TIFF was like way back then. This CBC News clip from 1981 covers the kick-off of the fifth edition of the festival:

And here's The Big Chill's trailer, just because.

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