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Throwback Thursday: Peter Mansbridge, Cub Reporter

-- CBC

Peter Mansbridge celebrates 25 years anchoring The National today, but before he was the CBC's chief correspondent Mansbridge was just another field reporter.

Now, most CBC newbs don't have the melifluous speaking voice of a Peter Mansbridge - never mind a haircut to rival Stratford's other favourite son.

Everyone starts somewhere, though. And Mansbridge's TV debut happened way out in a farmer's field, somewhere in rural Manitoba.

The CBC Digital Archives dug out this 1971 report, Mansbridge's first known on-camera work for the CBC - which, they note, never made it to air.

Just 22 years old, Mansbridge had already been with CBC Radio for three years, working out of Churchill, Man.

After a stint in Winnipeg, first in radio and later in television, he was hired as The National's Saskatchewan reporter in 1975. The entire country has known him ever since.

Thinking back on his 25 years as The National's anchor, Mansbridge posted an essay today on his site, Inside the News with Peter Mansbridge.

"I know it's a long time," he wrote of his time on CBC, "because I have people coming up to me now, young people out of university and in their first or second jobs and they say things like, 'I've been watching you all my life.'" Mansbridge wrote. "I even had an elderly woman, I think she was in her 90s, in P.E.I. last year approach me with a mischievous smile and say 'I've been watching you since I was a little girl!'"

For the full essay, which also includes the news veteran's thoughts on the evolution of TV reporting, visit Inside the News with Peter Mansbridge.

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