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Throwback Thursday: On Set With Mr. Dressup

With Kids' CBC Days coming up on July 17-18, host Patty Sullivan talked to CBC Live about why she looks forward to this cornucopia of kid-friendly fun each year. It's all about meeting with the families who watch Kids' CBC.

And back in the day, when Sullivan was a CBC Kid herself, she would've double back-flipped if she'd had the chance to meet her TV idols: classic CBC characters like The Friendly Giant, and especially Mr. Dressup.

"Getting to see, in person, someone that I'd seen on TV -- even still, I think that's a big thing for kids," Sullivan says.

Ernie Coombes, better known as Mr. Dressup, welcomed kids into his TV living room for nearly 30 years -- not counting the time he spent on his previous CBC show, Butternut Square. By the time she was a grown-up, Sullivan says she was lucky enough to chat with him, but most meet-and-greets with a classic TV hero probably can't compare to today's Throwback Thursday post, a special visit to the set of Mr. Dressup which was taped before the show's final episode in 1996.

Watch Mr. Dressup dig through the Tickle Trunk -- and 30 years of TV memories -- in this 1996 CBC Midday interview:

And for more info on Kids' CBC Days, visit

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